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Meet other Soroban Abacus school owners and work together, learning from each other

Get the tools you need to succeed and provide excellent Soroban Abacus math education

Get the credit you deserve by being recognized as one of the best Soroban Abacus math schools in America

You are an exceptional Soroban

Abacus educator, but ...

There is a fast-growing number of franchises and math schools that are adding aspects of Abacus education to their curriculum in order to attract new students. Most of them are not teaching Abacus math as it should be taught, and parents and children are seeing little to no benefits.

As a traditional Japanese Abacus educator, this is frustrating. You know that when, in fact, Abacus is taught correctly, it is life-changing to children.


It's just not fair that these educators are calling themselves "Abacus Experts" when in fact, they are not.

You Care About The Quality Of Learning

Since 1992, we have been promoting the Japanese standards of teaching Soroban Abacus to ensure students in the U.S. are taught the same way our Japanese children are taught.

Our members are committed to providing the best and are recognized in their local communities.

Join us. And become a part of something bigger.


Fill out the form and complete the application process in full.


Get your official League Member seal and be listed on our website.


Be recognized for the excellent Soroban Abacus education you provide.

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There are many ways you can join the League and ensure high

standards  of teaching for your students and parents.


Online Abacus and

Anzan Oral Dictation

100% online and safe  

 - Level 4 and above students, both within and outside the League 

-  Includes 5 Oral Dictation online practice sessions through Zoom or through Abacutor App

- Exam fee includes access to Abacutor app at no additional cost (download instruction in link below)


- To learn more about the Abacutor app click below

Certified School seal.png

Certified Abacus

School Accreditation 

- Incorporate and certify your Soroban Abacus teaching process 

- Share the certified badge in your marketing


- Have access to a mastermind group of Soroban teachers like you


- Get the League's member-exclusive discount for Abacutor app among other vendors, and save your parents a great deal of money.


Live Event Official

Annual Competition

Due to COVID-19, we will not offer this event in 2020 (updates will be sent to members)


- We help you organize an event so you can provide your students with a real competition experience, certified by the League

- Learn skills to prepare your students to participate of a real math competition

- Invite family and friends to witness what your students are capable of

Abacus Dictation Exam Sample
Dan Level Abacus Dictation
Advanced Abacus Dictation
Intermediate Abacus Dictation
Dan Level Mental Dictation
Upper Level Mental Dictation
Beginner Mental Dictation

For all student levels

Whether you are a Soroban Abacus student trying to improve your skills

or an Abacus educator, these video-practices are for you.

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