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Intermediate Abacus Dictation

Flash Anzan

Dan Level Abacus Dictation

Advanced Level Abacus Dictation

For all student levels

Whether you are a Soroban Abacus student trying to improve your skills

or an Abacus educator, these video-practices are for you.

Abacus Dictation Exam Sample
Dan Level Abacus Dictation
Advanced Abacus Dictation
Intermediate Abacus Dictation
Dan Level Mental Dictation
Upper Level Mental Dictation
Beginner Mental Dictation

You Care About The Quality Of Learning

Since 1992, we have been promoting the Japanese standards of teaching Soroban Abacus to ensure students in the U.S. are taught the same way our Japanese children are taught.

Our members are committed to providing the best and are recognized in their local communities.

Join us. And become a part of something bigger.


Fill out the form and complete the application process in full.


Get your official League Member seal and be listed on our website.


Be recognized for the excellent Soroban Abacus education you provide.

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