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Setting The Bar High

Our schools are certified for the traditional and highest Soroban Abacus teaching they provide

Choose among the best Soroban Abacus Math Schools 

Guarantee your child the quality

of learning that is taught in Japan.

Watch your child develop the

love for math and succeed in life

You want the best Abacus education for your child,

but ...

There is a fast-growing number of franchises and math schools that are adding "aspects" of Abacus education to their curriculum in order to attract new students.  Some of these schools have a great website and look professional, but most of them are not teaching Abacus Math as it should be taught. And children are seeing little to no benefits. 

As a parent, it can be frustrating! 


You know that when Abacus is taught correctly, it is life-changing to children. But finding a serious school became a confusing process.

Father and Children

Soroban Abacus done right!

Since 1992, we have been promoting the Japanese standards of teaching Soroban Abacus to ensure students in America are taught the same way our Japanese children are taught.

Our members go through rigorous certification and are recognized in their local communities for the great Abacus education they are providing.

Finding a great Abacus Math School is now as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Browse our trusted directory. Our schools need to be members of the League in order to be listed there.


Find the school that best suits your needs. Some are teaching online classes for a long time.


Watch your child transform. Soroban Abacus students become the best math students in the class.

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Are you a passionate and serious Soroban Abacus educator?

 Became a member and join a community of the finest Soroban Abacus educators in the country, where good people support good people, and everyone is passionate about transforming the lives of the children.

Resources: all student levels
Whether you are a Soroban Abacus student trying to improve your skills
or an Abacus educator, these video-practices are for you.


Abacus Dictation Exam Sample
Dan Level Abacus Dictation
Advanced Abacus Dictation
Intermediate Abacus Dictation
Dan Level Mental Dictation
Upper Level Mental Dictation
Beginner Mental Dictation
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